The Board believes that good governance is fundamental to the successful growth of our business. The Board and its Committees play a central role in the Company’s governance by providing an external and independent perspective on matters material to Abcam’s stakeholders, and by seeking to ensure that effective internal controls and risk management measures are in place.

          The Board also promotes a culture of good governance throughout the Company by creating an environment of openness, transparency, accountability and responsibility.

          Compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code 2016 (“Code”)

          The Code sets out the principles of good practice in relation to corporate governance to be followed by companies with a full listing on the London Stock Exchange. Although as an AIM-listed company we are not required to comply with the Code, the Board believes that it is appropriate for Abcam to comply with the Code in so far as it relates to companies which are outside the FTSE 350. This document sets out how Abcam complied with the Code for the year ended 30 June 2019, together explanations regarding any areas of non-compliance.

          Other Documents

          The Audit & Risk Committee?terms of reference
          The Nomination Committee?terms of reference
          The Remuneration Committee?terms of reference
          Modern Slavery Statement
          Articles of Association

          About Abcam

          Abcam is a producer and marketer of high quality protein research tools. These tools enable life scientists to analyse components of living cells at the molecular level which is essential in a wide range of fields including drug discovery, diagnostics, and basic research.

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          Abcam Products

          As an innovator in reagents and tools, Abcam offers highly validated binders and assays to address important targets in critical biological pathways.

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          Investor Information

          Abcam is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker ABC, and our investors' centre includes a range of information on our company, including our news, financial reports and investor contacts

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          Abcam News

          We provide updates on our commercial and financial progress through regular press releases which can be accessed through the Company's media centre.

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